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Red Rooster

The Red Rooster Project is based in the Mick Jagger Centre, and is generously funded by Sir Mick Jagger. We provide music tuition for 30 weeks in the academic year.

The project comprises two main elements; a multi-skill session held in the Mick Jagger Centre on Tuesday afternoons, and the provision of first access, and continuation classes, in several outreach schools in the Dartford area.

  Red Rooster in The Mick Jagger Centre   

The Red Rooster sessions are made up of several different elements, giving an all-round foundation and progression of key musical skill for children aged between 7 - 11 years. It is a lively session where the children are engaged in musical activities for the duration of the session.

We use the same tutors as the ones in the outreach schools so the children who choose to continue with the project are already familiar with the lesson style.

New starters to the project are given the choice of Violin, Ukulele or Recorder for the first two years, after which time the children are given the option to change instruments should they wish. We continue to accept new, year three and four students until the end of the first term after the summer holidays.

This year we are extending the advanced violin group and the orchestra, to invite students from our outreach schools to come and join us, in addition to children who have lessons with other providers of music tuition. The aim is to expand the orchestra further, with a dedicated, separate session just for a youth orchestra.  

In addition to tuition on their chosen instrument, the children work together in a choir and take part in a percussion ensemble, improving their aural skills, and sense of pulse and rhythm. The children also get used to playing and singing as part of a large ensemble, and we perform two concerts per year in the MJC theatre. For many of our children, the first concert in the lead up to Christmas is the first time they will have performed outside their schools, to a large audience, in a purpose-built, theatre atmosphere.

Many Red Rooster students stay with the project for several years and go on to become peer mentors during the session on Tuesday, and serve as an inspiration to the younger students. Some also go on to succeed in ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall examinations, at the higher levels.

Come along and join in the fun…..

  Red Rooster outreach schools  

The project currently provides whole class, first access tuition in the following schools

Gateway Primary Academy: Violin

Our Lady's RC Primary School: Ukulele

Wentworth Primary: Violin

West Hill Primary Academy: Ocarina

Wilmington Primary Academy: Violin

Holy Trinity C of E Primary: Recorder

The sessions in the schools all follow a similar format, and the resources used are consistent with the instrumental discipline offered

The use of prescribed resources allows for tuition to be delivered in a regulated manner, and in the event of any of the tutors being unavailable, the lessons are still able to go ahead with another member of the team.

The use of the technology available in the classroom is fully realised, and the use of visual and audio support is invaluable in the enjoyment of the children’s learning outcomes.

We encourage good technique and posture from the first lesson, and as there are two tutors in the lesson, someone is always available to correct and assist the children, should the need arise.

The children are taught to recognise notes and rhythm from the outset, and this learning is reinforced with the use of flashcards, songs, and musical games.

One again, the children are engaged in musical activities for the duration of the lesson, and it is not unusual for them to play a simple piece to a backing track at the end of the first session.

The classes all perform a concert at the end of their year of tuition; usually to the rest of the school, and quite often to invited parents. It is at these concerts, that we encourage the continuation of tuition in the MJC, on Tuesday afternoons.

The Red Rooster Project provides an enjoyable and fun introduction to music and instrumental learning, with the lessons being highly valued by parents and teachers alike.

  Dartford Youth Choir  

A fun, engaging children's choir, singing popular favourites!

This is run on Wednesdays (term-time). The membership cost is £55 a year (discounted rate of £35 available if also signed up for Red rooster)

Fledglings @ 4 - 5pm (Ages 5 - 8 / School Years 1 - 3)

Songbirds @ 5 - 6pm (Ages 8 - 11 / School Years 4 - 6)

Email to apply with subject line 'Dartford Youth Choir' detailing child's full name, age, and school.

New for 2023: Red Rooster Rocks! Sign up for a September start

Red Rooster Rocks! A brand new activity starting September 2023 we hope you will enjoy!

Are you aged 10-13?
Can you play drums, keyboard, guitar or sing?
Want to learn how to play in a band?

If the answer is "yes", then this is the class for you!

Our expert teacher, Martin Savill will teach you the skills you need to play in a band! Small group tuition at your local Mick Jagger Centre...

-Have fun playing and singing in a band!
-Boost your confidence!
-Meet like-minded friends!
-Improve your skills!

Term time Mondays, you will have access to a minimum of 8, a maximum of 11 hourly sessions per term:

4:30-5:30pm for Beginners
5:30-6:00pm for Intermediate

Cost is £90 per term
£80 for DMS Members


👉Please email Tarnya:
to learn more or book your place – places are limited!