The Mick Jagger Centre

Marcus Price presents 'Visitations'

'Visitations’ is a series of paintings which are influenced by ‘The Visitors’ an unpublished psy-fi  novel written by the artists friend Mike Tait. In the novel extraterrestrial beings come to earth and engage with people in ways that challenge social norms and assumptions that dictate the way people think and see things. 
The visitors are mysterious inquisitors who relentlessly expose the pathos, paradox and contradictions in human behaviour. In the paintings figures appear as almost indivisible from the landscapes. Perhaps a comment on how we have lost connection to the planet but also to one another and our sense of place on the earth as nature itself threatens to engulf us.
The exhibition can be viewed from 13th April - 13th May, Monday-Friday 5pm-8pm and Saturday 9am-3pm