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Friday, 25 May 2018
Technical Specification

The Mick Jagger Centre is a multi use performing arts centre comprising two main performance spaces, a spacious foyer bar, drama studio and ancillary meeting/dressing rooms.

J9 - The Big Room

The Big Room is a very flexible working area, adaptable to various formats. It is designed as essentially a blank canvas, well suited to live music of all genres, dance and drama. The room offers a flexible acoustic as well as visual aspect, with installed curtains designed by Petra Blaize of Inside Outside.

The performance area is flat floor, although a raised stage can be achieved in one of two ways. Either through construction of steel deck platforms to 1ft, 2ft or 3ft height, or by use of pit seating, which is below floor level, giving the appearance of a raised stage. Both options would depend upon the nature of the event being held.

Seating is raked with motorised control to remove when necessary, leaving extra space for standing events. Capacity is set at 296 without the pit, 350 including the pit, or 600 standing. There is ample provision for wheelchair access, and lift access to the balcony seats.

J3 - The Small room

The Small Room offers a more intimate performance space ideally suited to drama productions, recitals and lectures. With installed drapes and tabs, the stage area is a sprung flat floor with a definite theatre feel. Seating again is raked and motorised for easy storage. Capacity is set at 150 seated, with lift access to the balcony and wheelchair access.

A comprehensive equipment list to cater for all events is as follows:

Mick Jagger Centre tec spec

J9 The Big Room - FOH : Yamaha PM4000 40/8/2
J3 the Small Room - FOH : Allen & Heath GL2 16/8/2

PA: Martin audio Wave front W3P full range x 6
WS2 Subs x 4
4 x Martin Audio W1 - Flown stereo pairs, rear pair delayed to house
Crown K2 amps x 3
Martin Audio crossover
KT DN360 across FOH

Soundtracs MCX32 monitor desk w/ 10 aux
Martin F12 wedges x 7 (Blackline series)
Crown K2 amps x 3
KT DN360 x 3

Lexicon MPX550 x 2 multi fx
Yamaha SPX 990 x 1 multi fx
Lexicon Alex x 1 multi fx
DBX 1066 dual comp/gate x 4 (8 chan of compression)
Drawmer DS404 Quad gate x 4 (16 chan of gate)

Various mics - AKG D112, Shure Sm 57's x 6 Shure SM 58's x 10 Sennheiser E604's x 4, E606's x 2, Sennheiser E845's x 2, AKG Ck91's x 4, AKG C1000's x 2 , Shure Beta 91 x 1


3 phase 63amp back stage (J9)
single phase 32 amp backstage (J9)
On stage sockets at 240v 13 amp

Lighting Equipment

J9: Aviolite Pearl 2000 running 2004 software
J3: Compulite Photon

68 Channels of Electrosonic Dimming
Hard Patching from above the stage
Access to lighting via Gantry, Tallascope and Zarges

Lantern Stock

8 x 1kw profiles
6 x 650w profiles
10 x 650w fresnels
8 x 500w floodlights
20 x 1kw PAR 64 cans
1 x 500w Follow spot
Martin Mac 250 x 8
Martin Mac 300 x 6

Various 15amp TRS extension cables.
Boom arms.
Various Floor Stands.
Tecpro BP113 Coms Packs

J9 Lighting Grid:

Click here to download the Lighting Grid as a PDF document ..
Click here to download PDF version ..
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